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  1. inspiration hmm silent hill or resident evil 5 best i know as zombies themes
  2. special promotion this this week rents are free!!!!!!!!!! prices greek villa 400l -week skybox black marble 5 floors 400l suite on the hotel 300l-week all furnished all the fun in same land!-club-quad race track -mall -beach -funny games and for halloween special gifts and events contact me inworld or my partener for info thx you silversoulz redangel gliese581 resident
  3. We are a beach themed location with club -quad race track-residential zone-mall-freebies zone rents zone we seek good looking and nice dancers -escorts -dj's tips are @ 100% linds are yours dj's haves an extra cash per hour of 500l if you like beach and ibiza and you need a job well contact me inworld just send me an im @ silversoulz redangel seeya there @bacha beach:matte-motes-kiss:
  4. live your paradise in our luxory ibiza beach we have lovely greek style villas and elegant skyboxes to rent out join now the best beach of sl only 400l X week rent now! your paradise
  5. I own a mediterran beach inspired to ibiza "bacha ibiza" am looking for girls .if you need a job i hire you same day i dont have times or scheduler we have euro times about 11pm slt to 3pm slt "the events" anyway club is allways open and haves houses and shops to rent too contact me inworld silversoulz Redangel what i ask for the job 1-good avi 2-basic experience in entertainment world 3-stay at events
  6. Robots ,sci fi,mall,club,modular houses if u enjoy fantascentific and sci fi locations this is your place visit now! "adult zone":matte-motes-wink: B-space
  7. we have a club and great traffic the place is almost rented there is 4 houses and 4 shops left hurry up long experinence in clubs and mall to rent them just ask me silversoulz redangel or gliese581 resident be there @B space mall and club :matte-motes-big-grin: B-space mall n club
  8. we rent amazing hi luxory suits with italian fornitures beside an amazing tropical island sim suits are 800l x week penthouse "4 floors" is 4000l week for a tour or info contact silversoulz redangel or gliese581 resident thx u:matte-motes-kiss: inworld sim THE SIM OF THE HOTEL
  9. each floor can have 4 stores or i can rent the whole floor "4k mq" is an adult land with a club in the ground floor nice traffic and events all days if interessed contact me inworld here the place http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Underworld/193/108/23 contact silversoulz redangel for info thx you
  10. am an artits in sl and i have experience in photography,graphic textures,and i have average scripting knoledge am interessed im me thx
  11. i am a digital artist im me and we can deal
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