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  1. Seems it was just some downtime. I've never actually used the vendors, since they were much more expensive and much higher in script time than the alternative when i was shopping for networked vendors. But alas, their main competitor doesn't have an auto update system
  2. As much as i'd love to avoid it, Caspertech don't do an automatic update system
  3. So, i went to set up a new hippotech update server today and found that the website was down and the server itself will not go online. Is this just a minor hiccup or have they stopped working altogether?
  4. The offer was supposed to be restricted to one per amazon account. They accidentally restricted it to one per SL account. So yeah, people abused it and it got pulled early
  5. I wish to send proceeds of my in-world store to this cause and was curious, is it okay to set my vendors to direct the proceeds directly to Donation Linden?
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