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  1. I was disconnected too and can't log back in. Status was updated to login issue but its more then that. I was getting Assest errors before it disconnected me.
  2. Looks like asset server may be throwing a fit.
  3. yeah grid status updated to login issues
  4. yeah just happened to me, saying can't connect to login server now.
  5. something happened with SL, dunno what but somethings gone horribly wrong. I went from wrong password, to the website taking me to grid status and now it says unplanned mantainance. Had me freaking out thought, had me thinking I got banned for something. >>
  6. I thought the same thing, but now im not gonna sweat it. obviously someone spilled coffee on something again.
  7. yeah I thought the same thing. Started saying my password was wrong im like what the hell, then the website started taking me to grid status, made me think my ass got banned or some **bleep**, but obviously now somethings gone horribly wrong by the looks of it.
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