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  1. I do agree they should be earned , but nowadays if you can't bring enough people in or don't get tipped enough some club owners have the arrogance to throw you out , or when you leave for personal reasons , you don't even get missed. I remember the days where staff was more respected then now. Well a kind of a union could be a kind af club where staff can discuss problems and such , so i don't see any harm. I even know a case where someone got fired because she couldn't do a shift when the club owners demanded an extra... it's just a shame to see good old clubs dissapear , and its not always the owners fault , a lot don't have respect for their bosses and crowd to , they do their shift , go afk all the time etc etc ... All i know is : people used to care , for a lot it's just a game not concidering others around them anymore....
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