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  1. How many dj's in here are digging up their RL money to dj in SL ? A lot, that I can assure you. Or do you think that downloading tracks is for free, that buying good dj software/licences is cheap ? That mixing hardware and other audio tools are for granted ? If they are dj'ng the legal way.
  2. I don't know if this matter has already been discussed in Second Life. But is there any union in Second Life that is protecting staff members of clubs. To be honest, I am in the scene, and have witnessed several times that people are busting their butts off during a shift, either dj's or hosts, and not got tipped at all, while this is their only "income". No wonder that there is a big run away/run over within the club scene, lack of committed people and so on. Also, if some dare to oppose, disagree with how things are going in the club, they have the risk to be sacked, moved aside, or even being banned from the club, let alone being treatened to be reported to LL with a specific request to banned from Second Life if some dare to work at different clubs at the same time. This to me seems like a modern, virtual form of slavery, which has no reason of existance in the nowadays society. So, my questions are : - Is there already some Union in Second Life ? - If not, would it be interesting to have an Union ? - What should be the powers of that Union ? - Should LL offer any kind of protection towards this Union and its members ?
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