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  1. you are listening on channel 0 state_entry() { llListen( 0, "", NULL_KEY, "grape" ); } youneed to change it to state_entry() { llListen( COMCHAN , "", NULL_KEY, "grape" ); }
  2. it worked fine for me using firefox. I tried it on my mac book pro and it was not alloed to explore. I am assuming that eventually some basic building capabilities will be added. gotta move that chair to just the right spot in the linden home living room you know. All in all i would say this will be quite cool, and i hope they will continue working on it. Yes, there is lag still, but you do have to develop new stuff as well as fix old bugs, and this wil bring more customers into SL.
  3. Does this mean that the NDA has been resinded? So that the people that were not part of (and didn't know about) the closed beta can now find out what functionality wil be part of mesh, so they can scramble to catch up. For Example, is rigging and multiple "animations" allowed, if so how are they activated. If something is attached to an "animated" mess will it move with it? Can we specify different mesh density for different viewing at different distances? Are all the capabilities of COLLADA supported? Please provide the doocumentation as soon as possible. And please if the NDA is lifted, can someone that was in the closed beta provide tips and hints and maybe even more information from their prospective.
  4. By US Law, my name is a trademark, (also known as a common law trademark), Because i have been doing commerce using it. I am in the process of having it be a registered trademark. How will you handle the trademark violation of someone using my name. It is rumored that DMCA takedown would invalidate it. This adds another overhead to my day as i have to search for my trademarked name everyday to see if someone is using it. This is required so my trademark doesn't get diluted. It sure would be nice if there were a place in Second Lief that i could register that my name is a trademark, espesially after i have it as a registered trademark. I know that Linden Labs doesn't want its trademarks diluted, why not extend the business people that use Second Life as a platform the same curiously. You wil definiately need to provide a mechanism to report the trademark infringement. And have a process in place to change the persons display name back to their username.
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