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  1. this happens a lot with animations too . you go dancing. after dancing i "stop all animations". so i normally walk again, and go to an other place. there they ask me if i can stop with dancing. but in my viewer i'm just standing there... after relog, mostly it was ok. server errors? would like to know more of it... i had it in the past, but now i dont seem to have it anymore...
  2. well, if it was the clothes, i could say its maybe because the have an extreme big texture to load, but you said its with different clothes... with structure i ment, if there was any logic you can find in it why it could happen...but probably not since you posted it here ... cant think of a reason if it happens to you with all clothes and anywhere...maybe the god of sl just likes to see you butnaked... grtz domi
  3. does it always happen with the same clothes? and the place where you do it? can you see any structure in it? grtz Domi
  4. hmmm, funny, it seems i cant clear out my favorites on Xstreet. one i made a favorite, i cant delete it anymore... what am i doing wrong? or do we have to blame LL for it (again).. i hope i get some real answers, because if i cant clear my favorites, i will not make new ones too. then they just can delete favoritesfunction as well... sincerly dominique.
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