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  1. Okay , u still don't want to recognize that there are modern tools to lower the resolution of the mesh so i will show u.. The left model is 5832 vertices the right one 2916 , the left one 11492 faces the right one 5735. This optimization took me exactly 3 clicks The differences are barely noticable and the optimization took out 50% of the geometry. Enjoy.
  2. I'm not talking about me I'm talking about people who will strart optimizing models from turbosquid and GFX sitez and upload them in SL. I'm talking about flooding the market without much of a trouble. The topology will not be perfect ? The average user doesn't care about that. They are more interesed in the price. The lower - the better. How you plan to compete that? What about ripped game models from Sims or any DirectX games , with textures , uvs , normalmaps ? Still doesn't feel threatened? I really hope your are right and i'm paranoid. I'd love to be proven wrong
  3. I must disagree with that. The new optimizer tool for max does amazing job with any kind of poly count, by preserving not only uvs but the overall look of the model. And there is a rumor about new blender tool that will reduce the poly count by preserving even the quads.
  4. Any hi-poly model can be optimized with a few clicks with the right 3d tool. Those tools preserve the current UV mapping. The result depends of how the initial model's toplogy was created. But modern tools does pretty amazing job with that. So it won't be hard to optimize all the hi-poly models from turbosquid for SL use. And that is just sad ..
  5. Same with meshes... choose to up skill, purchase from others who do, or avoid because sculpts and prims will still have some advantages. Ie; the prim count for meshes will be a big factor The problem is that you probably won't buy it from SL but download it or buy it from internet. Both markets will blend. For an average user or hobbist this is great , SL will become much cheaper place. For business owners who try to make RL money , even with 3d skills, unlimited mesh import will be a slow death.
  6. Thanks for bringing that up. The other cute source for stolen content will be ... games With few clicks you can rip models , textures , normalmaps and etc from any DirectX based game. I already see lot's of game textures used in SL , next step - models
  7. As a 3d modeller i can assure you this technique is useless in 90% of the cases , except if your model has plane topology. Even you cover all holes in the UV you will end up with model that will look horrible and won't hold LOD. About the meshes , i'm not afraid of the competition , i can model , rigg , texture i have the whole skill set, but i can't fight gigabytes of stolen content downloaded from torrents and GFX sites. This will destroy any business. Actually the first business that will go down is furniture .. those models are most popular in the warez.
  8. I can see the future .. i nice guy makes a tutorial for blender "How to convert a mesh found in google or russian GFX site, to collada format and import it in SL" , and the hell doors are open .. I've seen gigabytes of professional 3d models with textures in warez space. What will happen if all those find their way to SL ? Sculpty limitations makes this impossible, you need to recreate the model from sculpties in order to import it. I'm hoping that LL have an idea how to stop this wave. I really do.. Best regards
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