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  1. Yes.. I would not want to deliver an item that wasnt paid for.. The concept of a marketplace is that items are available, that shoppers can pay for, and havce delivered... Plus the commision to the market.. which is all good... until the items are ordered, not delivered and no payment takesplace.. which I wouldnt expect for undelivered items.. However the idea of a marketplace once again...... I have been quite frustrated by these.. and used this platform to vent. It has occured a number of times with my Magic Box that an item WAS delivered and payed for, yet marked as undelivered, no payment. Due to the notices sent from the magic box itself I could report this with transaction history and LL has followed through on investigating and reimbursing me for the item I sold and was not paid for. Direct Delivery does not have the same check and balance, and asking them to investigate the order has gone nowhere. I will insitute the ans service for DD this weekend, and perhaps have soimewhat of a better eye on my traffic and transactions. But the issue of trust remains.
  2. Can someone explain to me how it is that a Direct Delivery Item can be "Undelivered ~ Not available for redelivery". The Undelivered part I get.. LL just dropped the ball.. But to add the label "Not available for redelivery" under the Actions category in my orders report.... for an item that is active and in my store, and being delivered / transactions collected for the most part... To say that the action being taken is "Not Available"... Can ANYONE explain this to me... Or how this can be an acceptable way to operate a Marketplace or even considered a Marketplace... Yes.. the odds seem to be pretty good that my items will go through when a costomr wants to buy them... But 'Pretty good odds'..... Come on.. I bit my tongue when this happened with magic boxes.. a vender in a game that goes through random degrees of stability constantly... I could somehow rationalize that 'Lag', 'Sim Restarts' or a million othger things INSIDE Sl were creating interferance... Is it not the intention of Direct Delivery to eliminate this random quality of stability, or did I miss something here... So the first time this happened I filed a ticket.. and it was closed twice with no action, actually siteing Jira files for Magic Box issues.... which I consider to be essentially unresponsive.. Now it has happened multiple times... Why not just put in the actions column... "We dropped the ball, Sorry.. better luck next time" I have a small store.. My sales do not add up to much... which makes those lost sale all the more precious losses.
  3. Okay, well thanks for the input.. I think back to the magic boxes till they sort it all out..
  4. Just had my first failed delivery from Direct Delivery. I looked at the listing and noticed that the Item Name and the Listing Name were not the same, which worked fine out of magic boxes. Dont know it this is gonna fix it or not, but I changed the listing name to match the item name by editing the listing. I must use the term fix lightly as it is a workaround for a bug apparently that worked fine in the magic box system. As I said, dont know if this makes this item deliverable or not as the status says it is... but trying to problem solve. If it fails again it goes back in the Magic Box...
  5. Dante Velaystar wrote: Please dont fill this thread with complaints about Direct Delivery, I just want to find out about a time date and place if this is going to be happening. Thanks Please dont fill this thread with complaints about Direct Delivery - or the commerce team - , I just want to find out about a time date and place if this is going to be happening. Thanks
  6. Thanks Sassy, that is exactly what I was thinking of.. Time and place? Oh well.. will be looking for that. Any commerce team meeting planners watching this thread? Meetings are best implimented with a dedicated time and place. This is just a couple of days from now... Thanks !
  7. I thought I read there is a meeting comming up on the 2nd or 3rd regarding Direct Delivery... and I think that it meant perhaps a panel from the Comerce Team would be fielding questions. I just tried to find this info and couldn't.. Please dont fill this thread with complaints about Direct Delivery, I just want to find out about a time date and place if this is going to be happening. Thanks
  8. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Monks-Robes-by-Dantes-Designs/2708762
  9. The object that needs to be updated will need to be able to communicate to a server prim which is always rezzed somewhere in world and check for updatres. So this could be triggered when it is rezzed or on some time schedule, and done via object to object email, or something. The main issue is that if an object is taken into inventory, when it is re-rezzed it has a new uuid.. but if the server prim is always rezzed in world then you can give the object that needs to check for updates the servers uuid, which in turn would translate into the server prims email address. Once contact is established, the checking prim can give the server prim its current uuid, then the update can be done. So that is a bit of a tongue twister, but such are the logistics of what you want. Depending on what you want to update you may neeed to send an updater object to be rezzed next to the object that needs the update, but check this script http://lslwiki.net/lslwiki/wakka.php?wakka=LibraryProductUpdateServer2
  10. Well thank you to the Commerce Team for a response. What I read in this message is some definitive information on the status of DD in approximately a week.. I think...
  11. Any word on when Direct Delivery will be up and running?
  12. Hi, was wondering how you all turn your Lindens into Dollars (USD in my case). Looking for tips on getting the best rates and lowest fees...
  13. Follow Up ~ RESOLVED After filing a ticket yesterday, explaining the discrepency and attaching Email from Magic box stating delivered, and attaching Marketplace order history stating undelivered.. I got paid today for this..... Though it is sketchy and makes me realize the importance of tracking every single sale...
  14. Follow up: This item showed delivered by ,my magic box on October 26. SL Marketplace shows it as undelivered with no fees transfered to date. Will file a report of this today
  15. Ok.. thanks.. will keep an eye on it and try to contact LL tomorrow if not resolved. Just checked my transaction history from my Dashboard and this does not show up there yet either...
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