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  1. I made this video in honor of a sister I made in SL.
  2. I wish to express my thanks to the people at Linden Labs for their diligent work in resolving the recent issues with MP. Unexpected problems arise in this world of SL. I hear a lot of people gruff about this or that. What I don't hear is gratitude for what we have been given by Linden Labs and their work in resolving those problems. Well, let me go on record and sending a BIG and GENUINE thank you to all the Lindens who do their utmost in giving us the best world of its kind on the net! THANK YOU!
  3. Today, a friend of mine told me that her account was compromised. She also told me she received an email from Linden Labs that informed her that her account was locked by them because of 'suspicious activity'. With Linden Labs' help she recovered her account. I was surprised at the actions of Linden Labs for taking such care and concern for one of the residents in this beautiful realm called Second Life. Thank yoy Linden Labs for being proactive in protecting my friend. You are super! THANK YOU!
  4. Thank you Whirly for you excellent advise. I was getting all kinds of similar errors but after i followed each step in your suggestion, the installation process went without any flaw. KUDOS!
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