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  1. For months,I have NOT been able to buy Lindens. I own a homestead and every month I have to ask a friend to buy the lindens to pay tier,then pay her back via FB. I KNOW my bank account has the money. But,if I try to change to a different payment method,I get an error message. I'm about ready to give up the homestead and leave SL,because it's too much hassle and I can't find a way to actually contact somebody who can do something about it.
  2. Hello. I did have billing information on file, but I had to get a new card. Now, for several months now, I've been trying to update my information & I keep getting a temporary error message. TEMPORARY?? It's been several moths. I'm a land owner & this complicates things. How do I get it so my information is accepted?
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    How can I allow speciffic avitars to edit my creations?
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