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  1. right click the land - choose edit terrain - then subdivide - prim allotment is automatic.
  2. if you are still having a problem when i get home in about 3 hours I would be happy to help sort this out for you. Maybe in the mean time someone could help.
  3. Aina, look closely at what has been said here - it does not appear you are banned - it appears that your avi has had a problem logging out and still show in world (that is what ghosting is). Until your "ghost" leaves SL you won't be able to log back in. It isn't banned - its just a glitch. Do you remember where you were when you logged out? What the name of the sim was? As was pointed out above - if it was a mainland sim then LL would need to be contacted to restart. (if you are not a premium member, maybe someone can help contacting live support for you). If it was a private estate t
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