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  1. omg are they THAT slow?...ermm..but how will i know when they sloved my problem? via my email?..and if this problem is solved,how can i prevent from this happening again?..by the way,thanks a ton!!!!!!! you helped me alot for so far,now i just have to wait for the ticket thingy.
  2. phew,i know it was VERY stupid of me to not check the bottom of the page,sorry,.i am just a little pissed at myself and frustrated,i amvery thankful to you,coz i made a ticket thingy,i just hope it's good,when do you think this could be solved now that i made the ticket thing?
  3. i know,i am sorry for being a pain,but it's just not working,i clicked on that and it gave some error,idk why and it said about click back and some other stuff,but idont see a box thingy (as one of the tasks were) where i could write or anything,i just see the same options appearing as the first time (account issues and more stuff) i cant click on any of them
  4. i did everything,as far i came is ''account issues'' but i cant do anything there nor click anything or even select anything..i just see account issues and some other problems,nothing more
  5. i dont think this will stop until i solve it,i should try the ticket thingy,but idk how,never made one,could you help me?
  6. i get ''loggin failed,the system has logged you out,your account will be unavailable until 20-3-2010/and a time,where do i find special questions?
  7. so i cant do anything?? omg,i am gona lose alot of stuff in that time ..............
  8. omg..i waited and you were right.nothing happened,it's still the same,i tried making a ticket but..for some reason it said some error,or maybe i just didnt make it correct,could anyone help me?
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