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  1. It could be a circa '06-07 skin by Lost Thereian of Naughty Designs, a shop that closed around 2008.
  2. I started out in SL (2007) with a tan skin, with the intent to represent as a black avatar - "dusky" - in SL. High quality avatar options were slim to none for people of color. (I am white/black biracial in RL). I too was socially ignored until I began to wear lighter skin tones. Your dark skin will probably do much better in today's social-political scene in SL. I strongly believe that anyone can be anything in SL, however I don't like the cringe-worthy, sexual objectifying of black men and women in SL by people that are role-playing as black "bulls", rapists, thug and black thot/hoe/***** stereotypes, and a variety of other bizarre interracial porn fantasies. I doubt that the majority of those type of avatars are controlled by real black people. Wearing a black skin in SL is not black face, unless you are choosing to wear a black avatar in a derogatory fashion with the intent to hurt us.
  3. Things you can do with a creative writing skill: - Magazine Editor/Publisher, Blogger, or Youtuber (vLogger) - Learn how to monetize your content with ads. - Copywriter Service - Writing adcopy for marketplace ads. I suggest getting a copy of Blender, lookup Blender Sensei on Youtube, hang out in the Mesh forum, and use Firestorm to access the SL Beta Grid where you can upload mesh and textures to test for free. You can run around Linden realms or get a common (low paying) "job" in SL to accumulate enough L$ to cover upload fees on the main grid.
  4. Avaraia Aljon wrote: years ago when i first started, there where tons of people who where very open to talking to you and groups you could just hang with, along with people you could discuss things with. now people seem to shut themselves off from other people (along with myself but for good reason) you can't really talk to someone, and theres no place you can just hang out and feel welcome. whats happened to the community? have we just come old and jaded? Do you remember when the majority of content and builds were made inworld? Those who did not want to learn 3D modeling software to compete in the marketplace left in droves. That is what happened to the community. I am glad I was able to experience that early era. It is very unlikely that we will see anything like that again.
  5. Maybe you mean GOL6/GOL7/GOL8 (It changed it's name a few times)? The club that was located on the GOL shopping sim?
  6. You didn't specify the type of music or entertainment that took place at the club that you seek info about. During that time period the high traffic music clubs that I remember were Frank's, Bogart's, Sweetheart's, PhatCat's, Junkyard Blues, and Sanctuary Rock.
  7. Welcome Rod! I recommend the following activities: Go shopping. Use in world search to find things, and experience teleporting around the grid for the perfect couch. Go shopping on the marketplace, you will probably already do this once you find out how overwhelming and cluttered in world search is. If there is a Mrs. Humble, invite her in as an alt and go on virtual dates in Second Life. Experience what it is like for couples in here too. Once you make a few things, I encourage you to start a business in Second Life. List your items on the marketplace, and find a way to get people to purchase your content in world. If you want to understand us, you have to live and work like us in here. I hope that you will be open minded and have the time to get immersed completely.
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