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  1. I looked at the external DNS options and they certainly seemed kludgy and add a third party or expense (if you want to do it yourself). How does Linden expect this to work? Obviously, the design document considerred this use case. How do I find a server off somewhere in the world without going out of grid?
  2. The problem that I have with lHTTPRequest/Response when used between objects in separate sims... Since the URL is not a constant, how do you com,unicate your URL without involving an outside system to at least act as a DNS?
  3. I didn't get premium for any of the current perks and I'm not gonna get it just to protect my name. I would sooner leave sl than to get a premium account for a single reason ...then isn't it great we live in America where you can take that option. But, like everything else, there's a trade-off... You want everything for free?
  4. Then, like a RL business owner who doesn't buy insurance, you take the calculated risk of Something Bad happening. That is your choice.
  5. @Werewolf - very simple solution. Get a premium account. Big f-ing deal. LL is a business. Premium should get something for their payments besides crummy land and a crummy house (ok, there are a few things). Compared to other online activities, a premium account is cheap. If you're a business and stand to lose so much (as you say),then consider Premium to be "insurance", something all RL business owners must pay.
  6. After further consideration, I stand by my suggestions in prior post, but add (ducking) that name changes should only be allowed for premium accounts. If you don't pay, you can't play in that world... Cut down some more on griefing. Don't charge for the name change, charge for the right to do it.
  7. If display names are to allow us to change our names after the fact for legitimate purposes, why will new characters be allowed to change their names? I'd suggest restricting that first name change to at least a week, perhaps 30 days, and, even better, 24 HOURS played. This would reduce, I think, a whole lot of griefing - people would have to "grief" using their mains, where their usernames can be known, instead of creating an alt and changing the name where they can remain anonymous. It still allows for marriage name changes, RP changes and the like. I can even change my name because I prefer another. But i cannot create a new account and immediately use it for griefing - I must risk my main. Is there going to be anything to prevent the use of offensive or copyrighted names? Can I use "Frank Sinatra", "Luke Skywalker" or "Philip LindenIsA-----"? Such things were not possible before, what's preventing them now? Voluntary abuse reports that must be investigated?
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