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  1. Why is my friend's names in dashboard showing their display name and not the name I know them as??? Is Linden Labs trying to destroy secondlife? Forget adding crap "features" and just work on making SL run better!!
  2. Update on the problem, I reduced my bandwidth from max ( 8000 ) to 500 and so far the repeating has not happened.
  3. and update on viewer test , normal SL viewer repeats as well.
  4. Every so often ( a few times an hour) whether the text is being sent out  or incoming , both local or IMs to anyone it will show the text and show it three more times . I tried removing attachments , resetting charactor, relogging  and checking all the settings on the viewer  ( Emerald )  that did not work. I will try using just the normal SL view and see if it  happens , but if anyone knows why it happens I would appreciate the help. Thank you.
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