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  1. Yay! Me too me too. That bish Seicher isn't all that. I got me a new blobby icon too! And I still have the better sig line!
  2. Storm Clarence wrote: Was I the only guy that accepted? She sounded too hot to pass on, so I didn't. I never expected it to be spam. I have another date on Thursday. Yes, and I'm looking forward to it big fella.
  3. Richard Parkes wrote: You guys are so lucky! You obviously attract a better quality spammer than I do. I got a PM too, but mine said: **** off and d**! Your posts make me r***** and v**** and I wish you'd go somewhere a million miles away from me! . Of course, mine was signed "The Moderators" :-D Tal, Dude! In an act of Alt Solidarity Day (concurrent with RL Global Love Day) I support you 100%. Not that a Tarn Master of your Warrior Caste standing needs support of even a Proud Free Woman. I specifically came at the behest of one Exiled Scribe, Sir Pepperonious, based upon one of his secretly coded messages. Strange turnings under the 3 Moons, indeed, but we are all One once the Home Stone is threatened! I tried to find one of the mythical Kudos button thingies for this most glorious of postings of yours but the Sleens apparently do not allow such favoritism in this locale. That or I couldn't find it through this darn veil. (Typing with gloves on is a real problem, too.)
  4. Mags Indigo wrote: ok there's a face a mother could love - the frown that sunk a thousand ships :smileytongue: Ummmm...my face or the cat's? Well, assuming you mean the cat (you DO don't you????) in picture two with his eyes wide open he tends to look like a teddy bear. But pissed off 'cause he got himself stuck in Crock Pot packing materials? Devil kitty. Ooooh, he was not happy. I was laughing at him and taking pictures and he's all like "Bish! This isn't what I pay you for!"
  5. You know you are bordering on inappropriate content here, don't you Ishtara? Those pictures are obscenely cute. I know how much you hate sharing pictures of the darlings...
  6. Whahahahahaha! @Carole. (That's the new kewel thing you know the @ to somebody.) Oh lordy how I've missed your creative writing pieces. Verily doth Thou makest Me spittest my meed across teh-eth Monitoriumeth. (PS it was fun to spell check this and see what the "replace with" options were!) I don't hang out here. Would love for you to drop one of me, pick a me any me, a line to catch up on your new doings...
  7. Awwww...Perrie...I've seen one but not all of these photos. They are great. I'll add my thanks and appreciation to all the RL AND SL pet pictures shared here. And back to the OP, yes, I think the way either Life's pets are treated are an indication of RL personality of the humans...although I don't think there's as much a direct link between the SL pet care (or abuse) as there is in RL.
  8. Well Storm (or rather, Mr.. Stormie, Sir), I know your posts are often tongue-in-cheek but as we can see you are getting a lot of serious answers here. Someone asked what trouble pixel pets can get into. I had a SL neighbor who bred turtles. They were penned and what not but some still managed to escape, get into my parcel—which was always RIGHT at the prim limit—and they'd lay eggs and push my parcel over the prim limit and if I didn't catch it in time I had some of my stuff auto-returned! Not to mention the lag they produced on the sim. However to get to the main point of the OP, recently I witnessed this pixel pet bonding in SL which made me think of my own. A friend recently had a prized breedable pet get "disappeared" in one of those "SL ate my inventory" things. The friend was very upset, perhaps not to the degree of losing a RL pet but close. On the surface this seemed weird. But in the second blink I completely understood. I'm not sure of the whole brain connection between real life and SL things. We know that these are pixels yet we CAN become attached. (Some can, anyway.) I remember reading on the old GDF some stories of how a SL partner passed away in RL and the pixel pets that needed to be cared for were a real bitter sweet reminder and connection for the living partner. Anyway, after watching & listening to the friend who lost their pixel pet, I realized I do a little bit of projecting real pet onto my pixel animals. It makes me feel slightly guilty to keep some of them in inventory! It kind of bothers me when I watch my tiger slightly disarticulate when it wanders into uneven ground (I cringe). It is weird, huh? But in the odd SL way, it is also NOT weird, at least for some of us. (Because I logged in with Leia and am too lazy to change avi's just to make another post.) Sullivan, who gets into trouble with his box & packing material fetish in Real (Cat) Life:
  9. 1) I would be interested in learning the name of the RP sim of which you speak. <---slight pun there 2) Carole (hi Carole! me/ waves to you madly; madly being the operative word) cracked me up with the Beowulf. Um, yeah, if you did indeed speak in authentic medieval language you'd be shunned. Not to mention there was no standard spellings of anything even within the same document. Ishy, too, got it right. (/me waves madly again) 3) I'd be impressed if the only anachronism was the pseudo medieval speak. I've been getting so tired of going to RP sims where the vast majority don't even try to fit the theme. Recently in a "1001 Nights" sim, IC not OOC, there were many LOL's, text speak, "how ya doin?", etc. conversations going on. Someone was carrying a sack of popcorn at a trial, another wearing tennis shoes... And this was supposedly a "serious" RP sim. 4) Because Leia is my RP avi & this is regarding RP. (Not in reply to the OP.)
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