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  1. Harbor Lights Cafe is a new venue on the grid and we are currently seeking DJ's and Host/Hostess to come join our friendly team. We are looking at various shifts over the 24 hour period, however mainly concentrating on PM slt and early AM slt times. We encourage various musical genres at the cafe so all types of DJ's can apply. * We are willing to help train enthusiastic people in the host/hostess role. All you need is a happy personality. * Experienced DJ's or those just new to the role are welcome. We do ask that you have your own DJ stream and be familiar with the music program you have cho
  2. Know whats scary is the people who are using this system but aren't business owners. Moved onto a new residential sim last week and the neighbour was scanning the entire sim with his little red-zone product. Who knows how long he has actually been scanning all the people who live and visit that sim. Needless to say after a chat to the landowner he's no longer one of our neighbours anymore Sadly without LL doing a product delete this thing will never be completely gone from SL.
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