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  1. How do create I a sliced Prim to fix one end when stretching along an axis? For example, when something like a lightsaber blade extends in one direction from a fixed point.
  2. Need a script to control two other objects that have to rotate in different directions (clockwise and anticlockwise). when the main object is clicked on, and stop when the main object is clicked on a second time.
  3. I am such a newbie at scripting, I don't understand hardly any of it. llTargetOmega and llRegionSayTo mean absolutely nothing to me.........
  4. Need a script to control two other objects that have to rotate in different directions (clockwise and anticlockwise). when the main object is clicked on, and stop when the main object is clicked on a second time.
  5. I imported a mesh vehicle I had made, all was well until I put a simple Car Driving script into the contents. (I didn't write the script). If you press the up arrow, the vehicle rotates upward front first, if you press the down arrow the vehicle rotates downward back first. I you press right or left the vehicle slides to the right or left. Up and down arrow keys should be for forward/backward movement, and left/right arrow keys should turn the vehicle left or right. So I think the X,Y and Z are mixed up in either the script or the mesh. How can I sort this out?
  6. Is it possible to create all 4 of a table's legs in just 1 prim? If so, how please........
  7. If I have multiple animation in an object's contents, will a menu appear when the user clicks on the object, so that they can select an animation. If not, what do I have to do? Thanks...
  8. I have a snow particle script, but how do I confine the snow to an area e.g 'inside' a jar?
  9. Trying to make a script that plays 2 sounds, then gives inventory item to owner and then remove the given item from the inventory so only one of the item can be had. How can this be put together? Help please!!!
  10. The object just has to go up by 0.5 or down by 0.5, and at smooth speed. It is not linked to another object.
  11. I am a newbie at scripting and need a script to make an object go up or down when it is clicked on. I have an object that I want to go up when it is down when it is clicked on, and vice versa down when the object is up. I have no real experience of creating scripts, I can see the logic behind this movement, but I have no idea how to script it. Can anyone help please?
  12. SLPP? The main sphere (root prim) rotates when moving, but I have linked the smaller head sphere (child prim?) to the main, and that also rotates the same as the main(root). Do I unlink the two, or put a different version of the script in the head(child prim?)
  13. Totally lost me on the thing about llSetLinkPrimitiveParams PRIM_OMEGA. I don't even know how to make the thing rotate/spin. Are there any examples you could show me or help me with? Thanks....
  14. I need to be able to have the robot follow my avatar, and like BB-8, have the lower spherical part rotating as it moves, but with the head moving. I have the robot as 2 pieces at the moment, the head and the body. I am clueless about scripting to do this, so any help would be appreciated. :matte-motes-grin:
  15. I was hosting a show on Second Life, then it crashed. Now I am unable to log back in to any sim, including my home location. I have tried clearing the cache, and reinstalling the viewer, but it still won't let me back in.
  16. I recently got given some objects that were created in OpenSim and had been exported using Cool VL Viewer. Can OpenSim creations that have been exported using Cool VL viewer be imported/used in SL?
  17. What is the largest building/block you can fit on a 1024 parcel of land? I have seen houses that are 20x20, and 30x40. What are these measurements in, and what would the largest building/house base I could have on the width and depth (not height). Thanks.
  18. Is it possible to create a glow around an avatar's whole body? I have been toying with this idea for a while, but can't think of a reasonable way to implement it. I know that when you texture a prim you can use the glow option, but how could this be achieved for the the whole avatar, say a bit like the human torch glowing with a fiery glow/aura etc I have thought about bringing the mesh of the avatar into SL and texturing it to glow, but that mesh would probably not bend or move if attached/worn. Can anybody help me out help here?
  19. I have an animated texture script but I want it only to animate when prim is clicked. Here is the basic script - default { state_entry() { llSetTextureAnim(ANIM_ON , ALL_SIDES,54,1,0,0,6.0); } } What can I add to make this work only when the prim is clicked on.
  20. I have no experience of scripting or particle systems, so I don't know really where to start.
  21. How can i make a prim extend when it is touched/clicked? What I mean by this is say for example, in the stargate series, the big whoosh thing comes 'out' from the gate and then retracts. Is it possible to make a prim do this kind of action when it is touched/clicked. Thanks
  22. Can a Jacket made for the Jacket layer be worn/converted for the shirt layer?
  23. How do i make a sphere rotate constantly? What do I need in a script to make it do this, and what parameters need to be in the script?
  24. How would I do a script that could simulate a lightning flash.....eg. big light, strong flash on then off, maybe just once or a few times, or even at random. Could somebody help me please :)
  25. I have a few car models in Sketchup that are coloured and have a few small textures on them. I export the files as .OBJ, then I load them in MeshLab, then I export them to .DAE. I then upload the .DAE file into SL, but all the colours and small textures have gone.... Am I doing something wrong here?
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