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  1. I LOVE THIS TUNE. Ooolalalala.... Which leads me to one of my favorite quotes from a profile: "Legibility and punctuation may not be street, but that's how I roll, mother**bleep**er."
  2. Errr...ok.....I tried to link to LUSH but it didn't work. Not to derail the tread, but would anyone mind sending it to me? Or posting it here? I am not sure if that's allowed.
  3. I did everything you said and I still have the same problem.
  4. Just a quick note...we tried the group tag thing...did not work. Could have just been a freak of SL, but in case anyone reads this in the future... Oh, and this was on Phoenix. I'd imagine different viewers could have different fixes.
  5. If you accidentally derender an avi, how can you un-do it???
  6. I just got an Othello/Reversi game that did not come with a scoreboard. Is there a generic scoreboard I could rez and update as we play? I do not know how to script. I can do some basic building, if anyone has an idea of how to make a simple one. I don't expect it to communicate with the table. I searched on the marketplace, but all the scoreboards were for specific games. Ideas?
  7. Okay, I took this survey and stopped on page six. It's too long, repetitive and the questions are not completely clear regarding SL/RL. I have met someone in SL and taken it to RL, but I *think* these questions are for people who keep it completely online. One question was, "have you ever had a RL relationship." You mean, have I ever had one or one that came from online. Oh wait...I don't care. Shrugs.
  8. SL has broadened my acceptance of other lifestyles. I like and enjoy the fact that I get to meet people all over the world, who have a wide range of interests and express them in a variety of ways. From the kinky to the artistic, I am in a constant state of learning about how others conduct themselves. Even if it's shocking, insulting, hysterical, or ____, I am consistenly entertained. It's what keeps me coming back....
  9. My partner lives in the UK and I live in USA. We've met each other in person after about a year in SL. We've known each other since about a month after I joined SL in '09. I think distance is very difficult. It seems it gets more difficult the more OFTEN we see each other in RL. I feel his absence more. Yet, I couldn't regret the relationship if I tried. He's wonderful. He's added to my life. That, in itself, is a success.
  10. On another thread, I wrote about my mesh avi. Other people said I could appear naked due to the mesh avi and clothing. I tried putting on standard panties and logged on with the standard viewer. Yeah, didn't work. I'm just going to go with it...if I get kicked out of places...so be it. I am wearing the PG version of my avi, so I won't have any tiny, naked, fairy parts.
  11. Thanks for the responses. Those were my initial thoughts as well. It's difficult to determine in SL where people will find an issue. Evidentally, the way I posted my question even provoked a correction.
  12. Harlett is my original account, but I have four accounts. I only use two. The second is for a mesh fairy avatar. I find that switching between mesh and the standard shape is too time consuming. I like to log on and be a fairy without the hassle. It's the only alt I've ever found consistent use for.... I wasted time/money with the others. If I am in human form, Harlett has all the good stuff.
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