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  1. You're right, I was mixing up basic/premium status with payment status. Of course basic accounts can own estates. The idea I am getting at is that people who actually pay LL to use the platform have greater rights to support than those who don't. The test should be whether the person raising the ticket actually gives them any monies lol. It would be nice if they could support everyone, regardless of their "status", but it's obvious that they can't, and the community often doesn't help by raising trivial tickets and adding to their backlog. So at a time where even concierge customers have 2 mo
  2. In some cases. Most NPIOFs are alts. Very few are people who attract money to SL as a discrete avatar. Vanishingly few. I see a NPIOF i know what's up lol.Unless he's all noobsie then i know he's a real newbie and I will like him and try to help but know he will be dismayed and leave SL 10 mins later and i will feel like i have failed. I loves genuine noobs Either way, i still think LL have no need to support basic accounts. It seems an easy call especially when paying customers have such a terrible service atm.
  3. why would they look at your case? you are basic. Seriously. On what basis do you expect companies to bust a gut on your behalf when you make it clear to them you will not pay them a single cent?
  4. why do basic accounts expect support? lol this is why support is so messed up for customers who actually pay the lindens to use their platform, cos our tickets from like 2 months ago are still in "new" status cos basic avatar X raised a ticket cos she had lag one day and avatar Y raised a ticket cos she couldn't use teh emeralds lol, and avatar Z raised a ticket cos avatar A called her a meanie It is obviously time for tickets to be ignored unless they are raised by concierge, cos linden labs need to learn that the only people they need to spend money on supporting are the people who pay *t
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