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  1. Hi there, I've also had the same problem as MoraSov. I've tried to buy L$ in the last 24 hours with my debit card using PayPal. Both times it has failed. I've had no problems up until now. My debit card is in working order as I use it every week. My PayPal is also working correctly. I've checked my Account History/Statements which shows both my attempts have been declined, LindeX Currency Buy "failed" with no reason given as to why. I've discovered that LL has now put in place a system called "Tilia" to deal with "process credit requests". I wonder if my attempts to purchase L$ has been effected by this, even though it states in the FAQs that "Tilia is not involved in the Linden dollar purchase process". Will I have to provide additional ID to Tilia in order to purchase L$ with a debit card or PayPal payment method?
  2. I can log into my alt account through a viewer (in world) but not on secondlife.com I get the following message: "An error has occurred. Further information is available in the server log." How do you view the server log and why can't I log in by browser?
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