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  1. I'm using a debit card I have from a bank not those prepaid cards you mentioned, i didn't had any trouble with it until now. I also used paypal and still not working
  2. Hello people I have a question, tonight i tried and still trying to buy L$ buy there´s always the message of "an attempt of buying L$ was declined" and i want to know if its a general issue or its just me.
  3. I just have a quick question is about how the shapes work on mi head, I been using catwa catya only and when I make a shape from 0 it works fine but when I buy one the shape doesn´t look like the one I bought I have 3 in total that i dont use because the shape isn´t looking like the one shown it still looks like the one I have before, and Idont know if it is a problem from my part or the shape. This is how i look normally: http://prntscr.com/opwtg8 This is how im supposed to look: http://prntscr.com/opwv92 And this is how it looks worn in me: http://prntscr.com/opwwgm
  4. MoraSov

    HUDs errors

    I recently cleared the cache of my viewer, i use firestorm but then today i log in and none of the huds i have work, i cant click on them neither activate or deactivate them. If someone knows this kind of error please tell me how to fix it.
  5. oh nice ^^ i do have all the textures and uv maps from clothes i bought for the 2.0 body i think is enough to start using what you say to create appliers for maitreya
  6. Hello, I've been trying to understand how clothes work on the maitreya body since i got it a couple of days ago at the time i was using the utilizator kemono and avatar 2.0 bodies, and one thing came to my mind when i started to get clothes for the avatar 2.0 body every clothing object had their own AO. UV and the texture itself on the package and I want to know if i can make an item for avatar 2.0 work on the maitreya body. Is that possible?
  7. so i need to remove the one i had already and add the new one?
  8. The thing is i have another debit card where i was buying L$ normally but I got a new one but this one gets declined every time
  9. One problem I've been having since like a month ago it that I added a new debit card to buy L$ when I add it everything is alright its has been added successfully in my screen appears when I added my card but when i want to buy it gets declined every time and what I hate is it always takes a fee from it because I added it but i cant buy with. Of course they have to take a fee from you by adding a new card but at the moment of buying it get declined.
  10. Some maintenance is going on, but when will finish...?
  11. MoraSov

    Logging problem

    yeah some maintenance is going on, i was all good at the morning but from 4 pm to now i cant log in
  12. MoraSov

    Game Grafics

    recently i've upgraded my pc from window 7 pro to windows 10 and the game says my grafics card is outdated or not installed and i cant play it anymore, i checked out all my drivers and they are all updated i dont know what to do. I think is because my OS
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