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  1. Can someone explain why my main account suffers serious lag while my alts do not? Everywhere I go I have to turn avatars off or it is almost impossible to move. Some shops are impossible for me to visit, for example Apple Fall. When friends come online or go offline or even send me an IM, I freeze or crash. I've tried all things suggested and nothing works for my main alt, in the meantime,shopping is HARD work for me, decorating my land is. I kind of feel my account is screwed.....and it's a premium account too,my alts are not..... The only problem may be my inventory, which has around 140.000 elements or the number of friends I have, close to 250 of which 3/4 are inactive. Removing old pre-mesh stuff en friends is a hassle with the lag too Is there a way to contact LL so they can check my account or something? I can't find anything so far...
  2. Hi Olsin Just posting here to support you, I am SO SORRY this happened to you There are some real messed up people in SL. I would file an abuse report against her, not sure if LL does anything about it but so they know. Hope you can leave this behind you and continue enjoying SL, most people are okay! take care Suteruni
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