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  1. I'm NOT applying for a PASSPORT just want a few $$ I earned... dah.. the old saying "don't fix it if it sin't broke" why go a break it L's huh.. huh
  2. I tried to cash in on a few lindens for US$ and got this message... grrrrr: [Second Life] Information Request Inbox x Second Life Support <secondlife-support@lindenlab.com> 12:57 PM (2 hours ago) to 068a4b48-47f9-4805-8cc9-2c44132bee15, me Greetings Urban Harvy, We received and reviewed the information you recently provided but were unable to match your personal information to any records because either the information was incorrectly, or there is no file match. To make sure that your information is correct, please supply the following request(s): A clear front and back copy of your government-issued photo ID. Please be sure that the image is not blurry, is free of glares, and that all writing is clearly legible. The ID must not be expired and must be valid for the next (60) days. Please submit your Social Security card. We thank you for your patience. Kind Regards, Compliance Department
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