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  1. For the past two days I have been getting no "sit" option when I right-click on poseballs and animated furniture etc. This is only happening on my main av ... my alts don't have this problem. I have been right through the UI on my main and alts, and can see no difference. This is also a grid-wide problem and is not specific to one sim. I'm using Phoenix 1.5.2 btw. Relogging, clearing cache and all the usual remedies have not worked. As you can imagine, this is proving rather limiting :matte-motes-wink-tongue: Any ideas anyone? No idea how to reply to Rolig (below) so ETA that I already checked that, and the box isn't checked ... but thanks for your help! :)
  2. There's nothing the lab won't do to try to coax users to switch to the crappy V2. Except actually fixing the crappy V2. QFT. Any "improvement" that requires the use of V2 is a step further down a blind alley, IMO.
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