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  1. When I was born in SL it was the 1st July 2006: I was born in a beach, Phoenix Industries, no more online... I can smell the flavor of that sea, I can hear the wind of my first beach as unforgettable memories... it was a long wonderful incredible journey... full of happiness, full of that sort of feeling that you are a pioneer and that you are building a new world I used SL for making a better world, with enthusiastic thoughts: I met wonderful people, I felt in love for a bunch of months and in 3 months I had learned all of SL Then times of Fantasy Faire arrived, and as a pioneer I
  2. Hello! The same thing is happening to me since this night... the same same thing... I cannot post photo to facebook and all my sl album in facebook has disappeared... I can post status or check in but not photos and it says me the same phrase "Problem posting to Facebook"... and I lost all my sl photos uploaded to facebook
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