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  1. I am a Lawyer and I didn't see any of that in there Yes you have checked a New TOS, but I haven't seen it for a year, and that depends on you length of stay in here. In case you are unaware, Linden Labs and whomever owns this place, it should be clear that you simply rent a space. I remember a long time ago when active worlds went down, sold by excite. Well, what ya going to do. We all knew, or should have, when we joined this place, and spent money, it was never a thing that might last forever. It will, as long as they can be profitable, they will continue. Start causing panic, and they may go away. Chill out, go to Applebees, have a nice dinner, and enjoy Real Life. Tomorrow morning, it may be here, as it has been for me for 6 years, Then again it may change, I might guess you will live thru it. If you don't then I hope your Avatar rests in peace
  2. You can be assured that somebody knows something, all I'm asking for is a little debate on the subject. I'm not going to give up, been here 6+ years, just want to know where I stand. Fair? I think so.
  3. I'll interject First Will VR Oculus be part of the new platform
  4. Nobody may be interested yet, but I wanted to start this to see what people know about the new changes coming up. Ask away and hope for answers
  5. http://www.firestormviewer.org/second-life-needs-you/ What is going on?
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