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  1. I, Trent Resident, am amazed. The TOS update was very appropriate.
  2. Thanks. I don't have Excel, but going to download open office and see if i can get it there. Didn't realise CSV was formatted for those kinds of programs. I still think it should be included like it was on xstreet, but going to accept this as a solution. Thanks PeeWee.
  3. I need 3 months of sales data. It's quite a large number of sales, so manually getting out the calculator isn't going to do. I cant believe they left it out of marketplace. As well as the graph tool. I loved that tool!
  4. Merchant Home/Reports/Orders does not include a total amount of all L$ earned, with the exception of manually adding up all sales amounts, "Download CSV output" also gives no total.
  5. I recently needed data on the total amount of sales of a specified date range on marketplace. The old XstreetSL system had these tools. Order and transaction history don't contain a total amount and I would have to manually have to add up all sales. CSV output gives no total either. Are there any merchants who know where to get this total data? To clarify - Merchant Home>>Reports>>Orders, does not include a total amount of all sales. Nor does "Download CSV Output", in the same section.
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