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  1. Is it possible to buy land on the Beta Grid? If so, how and with what money? And.. are there Premium sandboxes on the beta grid as there are on the main grid? -es0 torok Owner of LC Sculpts.
  2. It took a few times for it to work for me. Just when I was about to give up, I went back to that tab in my browser and it had worked. The first batch of questions will ask about times zone, etc. try HTTP instead of HTTPS, maybe that will help.
  3. I got it to work. Thanks!! -es0 torok owner of LC Sculpts.
  4. Hard Rust, did the link to the questionaire in your email work? Mine sent me to the same place as the first link.
  5. The headers in the email message are using the same names and IP addresses that other promotional email they send about their Premium Account features. The headers include the Authentication-Results: mx.google.com; spf=pass (google.com: domain of bounce-1375_HTML-19716725-41845-6166442-3@bounce.em.secondlife.com designates as permitted sender) smtp.mail=bounce-1375_HTML-19716725-41845-6166442-3@bounce.em.secondlife.com; dkim=pass header.i=no-reply@em.secondlife.com
  6. I received one as well. I have inspected the extended email header and it does appear to be legitimate. HOWEVER, the "questionaire" link does not work correctly. The Questionaire link takes me to the same location as the first "account creation" link. -es0 torok Owner of LC Sculpts
  7. I am connecting from withing an enterprise where the DNS traffic is restricted to/from authorized DNS servers only. This is done to protect our network from compromised computers that may be set to use malicious DNS servers. I manage the perimeter and oversee DNS changes in our network, there should not have been any changes on our end that would cause this unusual behaviour. I am thinking LL made a change in their DNS records and/or services that could have created a conflict on our end.
  8. I have been getting DNS (unable to resolve) errors all morning. It looks like my viewers are trying to resolve login.agni.lindenlab.com. I am unable to resolve it via a command line, however I can resolve it via an online DNS lookup web page. Have there been recent changes in DNS that may require me to wait longer for propagation to complete, or should I continue to dig farther to see if the problem is on my side? -es0 torok (Owner of LC Sculpts)
  9. Thank you. I appreciate your work. :matte-motes-smile:
  10. I was just reading some of the restrictions for the Openspace regions and learned that they can not be rented out. Thus, I am changing my want from leasing to borrowing.. but I will pay an appreciation tip :-)
  11. Maybe these? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AP-Shoe-Kits-Maryjane-Platform-Pumps/2358629
  12. I would like to lease an Open Region for a couple of months. These are the private regions intended for landscaping.
  13. Ok, if I understand this correctly.. The market is stuck at 248 because most people are using the 248 exchange rate when selling. It seems to me that very few people here are willing to go for the 247 or 246. What if for one week, people here were to go with the 246 instead of their 248 comfort rate? Would /Could that impact the LindeX?
  14. of course.. the trading limits could cause a damper in an attempt to make any real profit. :matte-motes-frown:
  15. Thanks! That helps a lot. I wonder if there are people that "play the LindeX" market...
  16. In the past, I have always used the fast way to cash out my L$s. But I've recently been wondering if it would be more beneficial to use the "limit sell" option. But.. this is completely new to me and I am not sure what numbers I should look for. Should I offer to sell at a higher or lower number than is listed at the top of the list.. how do I decide a good exchange rate to ask for? I looked for a beginner guide to LindeX.. or a Lindex for Dummies type write-up, but found nothing. Does anyone have insight or suggestions to offer? es0 torok (owner of LC Sculpts)
  17. It has always been like that for me. I just accepted it months ago and learned to tolerate it.
  18. I don't normally do custom work, but I may be able to help you (the .obj file is not a problem.). Send me an IM or NC if you are still interested.
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