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  1. Dudes in general, I seriously UNDERSTAND. Lawsuits, and your freedom to be as explicit and sexy etc.

    You can say those things and I will AGREE THAT THOSE ARE BIG PROBLEMS.

    Just don't say things like "teens will ruin everything with their immaturity" and "teens are griefers" and "it's not fair to us and not to them" and other things which are just assumptions, stereotypes, or other statements that are purely fear and anger as opposed to logical arguments.

    Honestly, I would love to move my business to main grid. I'd get wayyy more sales. I could double my prices, even triple them, and it wouldn't slow the income. I would be able to actually expand in an economy that is not stagnant and bogged with stolen content. I wouldn't have to fight tooth and nail and face constant apathy when it comes to that stolen content (though I plan on continuing to work on combatting it.) I understand the legal implications that are worrying everyone. It's not fair to say "oh they're all afraid the teens will take away their sex" because that's not all people are worried about, either.

    I don't believe the integration of 16+ into SL would be a "Disneyfication" or a "Sterilization" to the point where your SLives will be severely disrupted. Everyone will have to make changes, and sure, that may be terrible, but I wish people would calm down and not say false and accusatory things illogically.

    Adult and Mature sims will be for adults. If people are doing non-PG things in PG sims, that should be adressed anyway. As for the "Sample Sally sees humping when she cams across the sim and her mom calls the police" scenario, I seriously doubt that LL will have no policies regarding such scenarios.

  2. "What you are wanting, is to put out a large proportion of SL occupants who do not want you around them."


    "How dare you! We paid for this grid, it is our virtual home"


    "How dare you..  You are the ones upsetting our applecart, not the other way around,"


    "proof will be when kids trash the main grid in the way that they trashed their own"


    "Hopefully, this little venture is fast ended and the kids are kicked off faster than they will cause grief about it."


    Yes, how dare we? Our world is being literally taken from us, and we're "being upset" that you're not happy about us being moved over to you. The tiny fraction of us that will stick around will CLEARLY be able to "trash" your grid, because we are rampaging monsters. SL is obviously not OUR virtual home, because even though many of us payed for land and L, we're teens. Our virtual businesses don't matter, and neither do our opinions, because we are under a certain age.


    Somehow, this seems a TINY bit flawed to me.

  3. Your extremely long post showed up in my email, so I thought I'd clarify:

    There are plenty of legit reasons why adults don't want teens. I totally get them.

    What makes me angry is the way many adults are responding to the issue, acting juvenile and making completely false stereotypes simply to benefit their arguments.


    As for "storming off", I left the thread because the preposterous generalizations being made were making me quite angry. I am going to figure out how to delete the blog notification email and I will stay off the thread, because I've already talked about it for days when the issue was first brought up, and I'd rather not go through the same points over and over again knowing it won't make any impact. Thanks for at least reading what I had to say. A lot of people refuse to consider my opinion simply because of how old I am. Adios dudes, and have fun calling the shots!

  4. Oh, thanks for letting me know I'm not welcome. Thanks, man, really couldn't see that by looking at the posts.

    Honestly, I'm tired of arguing. On the Teen Grid, a big chunk of my time is spent advocating against content theft, and I am not welcome by the overwhelming portion of the grid that is content stealing or wearing stolen content. On the forums, I'm constantly being told that teens are a horrible contribution and should just be wiped off.

    When it comes to bigotry, I can't do anything. That much I know. So, I'll be leaving the thread. Hope to continue my business on MG when I turn 16 in March... hopefully, I won't run into you.

  5. Or anyone else, for that matter.

    1. the teens themselves

    2. Linden Labs


    Why would anyone be enthralled with an influx of more sellers with no business sense or even a sense of obligation or responsibility. (Which is already in rare supply among our adult sellers.) a flood of uneducated, immature views from people who think hardship is trying to get to Gym class on time and pass a History exam in the same day and a bunch more creators to flood the 'market' with yet more poorly built crap that they charge way too much for.

    That is one of the most pathetic and offensive generalizations I have ever heard about teens. You have NO idea what the merchants on TG are like, and claiming that all teens are immature and build badly is just about as logical as saying all adults are serious, intelligent, and talented people.

    If the future of the Internet is a system where children are catered to and coddled at the expense of the rights of adults, you know, the people who actually contribute to society...then the Internet is doomed.

    I don't see coddling or catering going on here. Are adult sims being converted into nurseries? Ooh, wasn't aware of that.

    Oh, and I guess no teens ever contribute to society.

    But don't bother reading this. After all, I clearly am illiterate, uneducated, and cannot sell. I should probably push my booming TSL business under the rug, because it's not possible for it to exist seeing I'm under 18.

  6. You just told me to spare generalities after claiming people who approve of teens on the MG are pervs. Smooth, real smooth.

    Benefits? Any are small, and probably won't impact anyone. So from a selfish point of view, yes, the addition of a couple thousand 16-17 yr olds does not necessarily "MAKE THE GRID BETTER FOR YOU".

    More teen sellers, younger points of view, slightly more buyers, more creators, etc probably doesn't enthrall you as much it does me or my peers.

    Also, this happens to develop SL in an important direction, a "future of the internet" direction.

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