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  1. I just had to add a comment here, that if you are just thinking about getting some virtual land to do something with, i might be an idea to look at mainland areas, and look for a quarter or a half  a region or so..there is still a monthly tier to pay, but no set up fees...(ever)..

    If i may be so bold here, could i suggest, like others have, that you could reduce montly tier, but not forever, say half price for 6 months or something like that..

    I stopped being impressed about it all personally, and stopped "playing the game",  when the mainland land market decimated in 2008..but thats just my opinion, and possibly not others. but i havent left though, still interested in seeing what happens generally..

    Edit..i fixed a typo.


  2. Randall Ahren wrote:


    Are you sure? Women usually live longer. After a long hard day of being a man, I like to go home and be a woman. 

    YAY !!!   Why not i say.(seriously):matte-motes-big-grin-squint: also , if you make female clothing, you need a female alt to try them with b4 you put them on sale..




  3. hmm, i will say this.. the next time i go to the drive thru at the fast food outlet,   when they ask me what i would like, i will type into the microphone, and then make sure i have my furry suit on, so they dont know what gender i actually am..

    ( its one of the two by the way ) giggles..



  4. Apparently, a number of people are experiencing issues with ubuntu 11.04 (both 32 and 64 bit).

    It either doesnt load, or if it does load, there are issues when running SL..

    Up to, and including version 10.10 , both 32 bit and 64 bit ubuntu seems to run perfectly on SL, as long as you have a suitable video card with updated drivers.

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