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  1. I'm looking to buy or rent [I don't have a premium membership] a parcel 4096 [or around that] SQM in size, in a mixed or unzoned sim. I plan on part of it being a coffeeshop style building where people can meet up and discuss things [I don't plan on it being huge], the other part I plan on putting up my home [It can be two 2048 parcels side by side]. I would like to set up in a decent, nice-looking neighborhood with fairly low lag. If you guys know of parcels or can help me get started, please let me know. If you decide to IM me in world, then please let me know that you're interested in help
  2. I did a little digging and it seems that this "Ripper" login is related to a malicious viewer [iE Copybot].
  3. I basically want a helicopter with Hit points, that disintegrates when it reaches 0, that is DCS compatible. I looked on Marketplace, but do you guys have any in-world suggestions?
  4. Word of wisdom: Beware what you wear, also make sure you do NOT have RLV enabled, unless you are fully educated as to what it can do to your avatar. RLV is a relatively serious choice to enable [or not].
  5. Thank you very much for posting this. I will share it.
  6. Oh sorry about that... It is a login, controllable avatar that walks around and stuff. To be more precise, it is this avatar: It already has its own AO. The whole thing is copy and mod.
  7. That will work well with LARGE avatars [and average avatars too]. I can't get a good picture, but from teeth to tail tip, I'd say 15-20m long [It DWARFS average sized people, no godzilla or King Kong though], and from wing tip to wing tip, about the same length. Even though its not my avatar, I'm looking to make custom animations for it... and they have to be fluid. Any recommendations?
  8. For the record, I DID try to age verify via the Beta and failed numerous times.
  9. Blondin Linden wrote: Attach a picture ID to your support ticket. That should do it "Manual age verification If you are a Premium or Concierge customer and you experience difficulty verifying your identity on the Second Life website, you may submit a new support case in order to verify your account manually. Visit https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ Choose Account Issue from the first dropdown menu. Choose Manual Age Verification from the next dropdown menu that appears. Click Choose File to attach an electronic (scanned) copy of one of a Government issued identification that ha
  10. I was about to submit a similar topic, but you stole the words out of my mouth. I am experiencing the same issue.... I AM an adult, but I am NOT a premium member, I've lived in the same darn house for 20+ years, nothing else has changed and YET.... I am expected to become a premium member just to get manually verified. Way to go.
  11. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DL-Ichiro-series-Steampunk-Robot-Arm/499458 Only for both arms. I tried making a left arm by copying and adjusting, but the sheer number of parts [over 100, this is VERY detailed] defeated me. I've already contacted the maker [still waiting a response] but in the meantime, decided to explore my options. If someone could help me out by finding something similar to this [as in same style] but for BOTH arms, that would be fantastic.
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