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  1. Was just browsing the new Marketplace and i saw some half stars! Yay. Thanks Torley. =^.^=
  2. Suella Ember wrote: For info. Torley has added this comment to the marketplace wiki: Why don't ratings show partial stars like the old Xstreet? Showing partial stars is on our to-do list (as of 2010-10-20), and showing the actual, raw, numerical rating value. We've extensively studied other ecommerce sites to understand best practices for stars and ratings. TY! Now, let's see how long it takes them to implement this. lol
  3. Laroelle MacMoragh wrote: So one person with a hard on for trashing what a majority of other users rate as a five could effectively bring down a nice item to a one star rating. I don't think it's as bad as that. If a rating has a ton of 5 stars, and one person rates it a 1 star, i think it would still read as 4 stars - because the way it is now it rounds down... even if it's 4.9999999999999999, it will still round down to an even 4 stars.
  4. Thanks a lot Suella. I just don't understand why they have to change something that was perfectly fine in the first place. I understand the new Marketplace - they messed up the old one when tehy took it over, but why scrap a perfectly good rating system? The way it is now is fairly inaccurate. I will continue to watch what happens, and i sincerely hope they do start rounding up soon, because as of now they are rounding down... meaning if you do have a rating of 4.99999, the rating will be a 4, which sucks. Again, that's for your detective work.
  5. Suella Ember wrote: Athena Mornington wrote: There are no more half stars or partially filled stars showing a true average of ratings in the SL Marketplace. Even if a seller has an item with a zillion 5's and just one 4, the rating shows up as a 4. It was reported by the sellers but it doesn't seem to be something that will be changing. Are you sure that is correct? I haven't looked into it deeply myself, but my understanding is that, in your example, the item would have 5 stars. I think it still takes an average, but rounds that average to the closest number of full stars which, in this
  6. The old xstreet rating system had half stars implemented into the ratings... i see the new one doesn't. For example, if you have a product that has 50% 4 star ratings, and 50% 5 star ratings, the end result will be a 4 star rating, not a 4.5 star rating. Yes, i realize this may seem like a frivolous detail to most, but hey, i'm bored and wondering if anyone else cares.
  7. Faubio.Alter wrote: I think... Yeah, but did you?
  8. Faubio.Alter wrote: You can try an clear your cache in preferences. Path is >Preferences > Network > click clear Cache button > apply > OK > restart viewer I've tried everything I can think of to isolate it and/or fix it: cleared cache and relogged, detached everything and relogged, different viewer, different login location, and nothing seems to help.
  9. Hmm, that usually means the asset server is backed up, or lagging, or that LL has removed the uuid of an item or prim from their database. If it's happening as soon as you log in, then something you're wearing is trying to rez, whether it be attached to you, or your HUD(or from your client - Emerald for example attempts to load several items when you log in). If it was something in your inv that was not loading properly, like a gesture or an audio, the message will usually indicate it specifically. If this has only been happening in the span of an hour or or a couple hours, i would let it sol
  10. arrogant ignorance is never irrelevant. what is irrelevant is this thread. let me reiterate my previous opinion on the matter: you're a child who broke(some would say severely) a section of Linden Lab's ToS. which not only resulted in your IP getting banned, but the loss of access to SL and apparenlty to some adult accounts in your household(mhm). as i previously stated, the adults should be taking care of this issue, not their child. for what it's worth i do hope LL let's you into the Teen Grid(and the Teen Grid only), we have enough idiots on the main one.
  11. Pickle Soup

    Black water

    April Fools! ...oh, wait.
  12. Nuesha, you can't email LL with these issues. they won't read them and i'm not even sure what email you would use. you will have to create an alt account, then write a ticket and fill in the appropriate feilds that indicate what account you are referring to. i'm not sure if you've already tried this, if you have then i'm sorry. i find it really odd that LL forces you to create an alternative account(if you didn't already have one) in order to submit a ticket for a banned account - let's face it, a lot of times accounts are banned unfairly. why would they cut off one of a very limited number
  13. Aishwarya(most gorgeous actress on the planet, btw. lol), do you have your mouse settings on to show pointer trails? i have never heard of this being an issue within SL, but i know it causes problem with other pc games, causing the pointer to either flicker, or be invisible. i don't know what OS you're using but i think you can find it somewhere in the Control Panel, then in Appearance and Personalization. well, it's a long shot, but thought i'd suggest it.
  14. i think they did explain their issue here: sculpty prim item alway dissapear or go invisable no matter where im at or were im go it the same thing to be honest, i'm not sure why the sculpties are disappearing. my only guess would be a very low draw distance, mixed with perhaps very low graphics settings, causing the sculpties to derender themselves. i think you would still have to be cammed away for that to happen, though.
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