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  1. Can't look. The whole blog is conveniently missing... No surprise there!
  2. It sounds like the simplest way to do this would be to contact the original creator of the object to assist you. That person will have the UUID of the texture you're looking for, which you can then use in your project. On the other hand, if you created this piece, you will also own the textures in your inventory. I've made things too and can't remember which textures I used, so here's what I do (minus the UUID parts...) Just rez the object, right-click to edit it, click the Texture tab in the Edit window, choose the select texture option and then click on the object, in the individual area which has the texture you're looking for. Then, click the texture box (the left one) in the edit window. A second window will open up, where you will be able to see the name of the texture used. You MAY be able to right-click the name of the texture file and copy the UUID but if not, simply close all the open windows, and then go to your inventory to search for the name of the texture file used. You can easily right-click its name and copy the UUID. Good luck with this!!
  3. Be aware that some estate owners have set un-sold/un-rented parcels as no-rez/no-script. I have a wearable version of my own performance meter (though it doesn't show whether Class 4 or Class 5) to use where object-rezzing has been disabled. But when both rezzing AND scripts are disallowed, I simply move on. Having been an estate manager I do know that some owners tend to be un-truthful in reporting which type of region they own. Sometimes it's intentional and other times they simply don't know. But I also know it's almost impossible for a resident to easily obtain that information. Having access to gadgets that take the guess-work out of the scenario is a godsend, but to use them, scripts need to be enabled on the land in question. In a pinch, you can even "wear" an otherwise rezzable device and the scripts inside will still function. Should the estate or land owner not wish to make accommodations for you to use such a device to make your determinations, take my advice and leave.
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