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  1. hi, thanks for your response, the guy from Linden came around for a few hours and is investigating, they also restarted the sim a few times, to no avail. I will try your other idea and yes if we find an answer I will post it. A few people are pointed to a corrupted texture but without pulling the whole place apart piece by piece I am not sure how you would evre find that. V
  2. no because it appears to be specifially related to her and not anyone else arriving at the sim. if we restart the sim wouldnt the issue still be there if it is an object that is causing the conflict? can you explain what the logic behind a sim restart would be, we might try it.
  3. Hi, I trust this is the right forum. A friend of mine has a problem and since we are struggling to solve it I thought I would put the problem to the greatest minds in human history - in here. We recently started a new sim. Most of the items that have gone into the sim were put there in the first week, by her. She had no problems at all during that first week. She went away for the weekend, came back and made a few additions and then WHAM, she suddenly starts to crash at the sim but with no identifiable pattern. The crashing has gone on for over a week, although for one 24 hour period she was fine. She normally uses FS but as a result of the crashing has tried other viewers, no difference. (yesterday she upgrade to the new FS but same problem) She has tried another pc - no difference. (I think she is using a mac) Yes, she has performed numerous viewer reinstalls. Yes, she has cleared cache. She has created new accounts - no difference. Here are the known facts. At the sim, she crashes but the location is always different, the amount of time she can operate normally varies but is between instant crash to 15 minutes or more of normality. At our home 2000 metres above the sim she is fine. At the building platform 1000 metres above the sim she is fine. At other sims she has built she is fine. Everywhere else in SL she is fine. At our sim I have never crashed and no guest has complained of crashing. The only person who crashes is her. It would appear to me that there is an item at the sim causing this, but I am not technical enough to either know if this would be true or if it can be detected. We did remove some items a few days ago, and then she was fine for a day. We removed too many items to be able to repeat the process easily. I suspect the offending item may have been returned but there is no proof of this. She is suggesting we move the sim, but I figure the issue is an item on the sim not the sim itself. She has provided logs to FS but to no avail. Are there any suggestions as to what might be causing this? Are there any tools available to analyse her as she moves around the sim? Are they any tools available to use around the sim to find potential problem items? Any suggestions or pointers are most welcome. I know there will be some who want more technical details about her pc etc... I might provide them later but I was hoping someone would have a light bulb moment and remember a similar circumstance and have some suggestions. thank you, V
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