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  1. I don't really think there is anything you can technically flag it under. The closest thing I could find would probably be "Non-Item Listing > Real-World Good or Service", however I would probably follow the advice of the others who have posted above, just ignore it. I wouldn't risk having your account accused of abusing the flag feature.
  2. There is really no way for you to tell for sure. The best you can do is ask them what their sex is in real life, and if they give you an answer, in good faith choose to believe they're telling the truth. Even if it does happen to be a man playing a woman avie (or vise versa), it doesn't reflect negatively on you, because there is really no way you could have known in the first place.
  3. Thanks! I'll try this out in a little bit. I actually like these badges, they're a lot mor einteresting than regular avatars imo.
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