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  1. Bids/offers can be placed directly in IM inworld or here on forum as reply.
  2. As i'm trying to move my business to a private island, i want to get rid of this land fast and before the 26th where my tier to LL are. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pinola%20Vale/147/199/63 Current highest offer: 25k (However, Instant sale at 40k if someone bids that.)
  3. Seriously... the post says that I have spoken to LiveChat already.. but thank you Captain Obvious.
  4. And the latest on this is that I finally got hold of someone in LiveChat who actually listened to the problem and wanted to take a look at it, when she couldnt pull out the "top scripts" of the region, she restarted the region so she could try again..... and then she got disconnected from the internet.. LiveChat disconnected me, then reconnected me... with someone else. That person, despite me asking for her to read through the transcript, simply brushed me off with a link of how to improve region performance for PRIVATE ISLANDS AND ESTATES. So here I am again... lost, confused and seemingly LL simply dont want to help a dying business ? What exactly did I do wrong with upgrading from half sim to full region, getting a bug thrown at me and then ignored left, right and center, Oscar you asked me to give you more details, I did in that same thread, no responses... please, I beg you to help here. I do not have the technical know-how to fill out your complicated JIRA reports and whichever forms and papers, all I know is that furniture who have worked for 1½ years of my business lifetime are suddenly breaking down with refusing to rez poseballs out of the blue at random times, and it all started with the latest server update.
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