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  1. Flash sale: PG/General - 28416sqm - 6621 prims - only 22k Selling this giant mass of land at the cheap price of 20,000 L$ due to stopping a venue, at only 0.70 L$/sqm its a bargain for either a keeper or reseller :) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shouldice/117/131/64
  2. Easiest way to find which server software you are on, are by entering the Estate Details of the region you are in, it'll say whether you are on bluesteel,letigre or what 3th one which I can't remember atm. In any regards... after having had two conversations with live support (Concierge-support) and gone through the hoops and waiting-time of support-ticket, i'm left with the final answer which is that a mainregion cannot be moved away from letigre at the moment. So my conclusion is that i'm experiencing script malfunctions and there are -nothing- I can do about it.... I have confidence and trust in LL, I simply refuse this is correct... Oskar Linden, are you certain that there is nothing I can do to let you people know that there is a problem, a test script that outputs proof of the script malfunctions perhaps? anything?? there has to be some way to put the issue "to paper" where it can be seen other than me constantly explaining the issue left, right and center.
  3. No offence this is Oskar Linden's thread so yes I do know hehe...thats why im posting here And well, the group requires a special role before groupchat can be opened so thats a no-go, sadly.
  4. Well it may get a new ServerID perhaps but the code from which the Region runs on, are still Le Tigre after a restart.
  5. Having tried my best to redo things and explain situation im at a loss and my business are suffering severely from the issue: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Server/Scripts-suddenly-misbehaving-any-relation-to-recent-rollbacks/m-p/980159/highlight/false#M1342 http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Server/Deploys-for-the-week-of-2011-07-18/m-p/999641#M1526 My issue are well explained in my oppinion in those two threads, so I guess only way I can really get out of it is if its possible to get the region moved away from any beta-testing software, and then when the software rolls out to everybody else, let them handle the bug-reporting instead. Does anyone know if its possible to get a region moved away from being on beta-testing software and if so, how ?
  6. I have heard other people in various building groups experiencing the same, all on Le Tigre regions. To reproduce it, simply place out any furniture which rezzes a Mono scripted poseball, MLPv2 does this.. the issue happens 2-3 times a day where the furniture suddenly refuses to rez the poseball but the llDialog menu is operational. From what I can tell its all mono scripts that suddenly go unresponsive for a while, then up to an hour later it suddenly work again, furnitures who worked after the 19th restart suddenly displays this issue and all newly rezzed ones as well. The issue was first encountered Tuesday 19th and I doubt that any of my tenants would not have reported it earlier if it happened before that restart. For reference, including link to another forum posting: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Server/Scripts-suddenly-misbehaving-any-relation-to-recent-rollbacks/m-p/980159/highlight/false#M1342
  7. Oskar, do you happen to have any insight to my situation you can share?
  8. Im having this exact same issue with MLP furniture which suddenly refuses to rez poseballs, resetting the scripts (thus memory stored for same) makes it work again, then suddenly half an hour later...same issue again. My region are Pinola Vale which are indeed Le Tigre. And no, its not amusing that im running a skybox business (*sobs with a ton of tenants complaining*)
  9. Im owning a region (Pinola Vale) which are using Le Tigre and since a few restarts ago, scripts are working half the time, namely MLP scripts which rezzes poseballs, the furniture keeps shutting down to a state where the script are running (meaning you can get a menu from the furniture) but any rezzing of poseballs doesnt happen. MLP is a tested animation system with years on its back, it works flawlessly and my furniture are tested through-outly as it is furniture I create, script, animate and sell from my store on same Region. Is there a JIRA on this matter and/or are other people on the Le Tigre RC experiencing same issue?
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