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  1. I understand that more than likely linden labs will proceed with the disabling of detecting if someone is online or not through scripts. even though it will break many systems for club owners, builders, and delivery systems. I just hope they have it figured out how to market sl to people who will be paying customers once they tick off most of there paying customers with all these "proposed changes", which seem to benefit people who want privacy for there avatars. While i see why people have a wish for privacy, i for one only check if someone is online if i have reason to. maybe i am wrong but
  2. Ok, I grant that alot knew how to bypass redzone soon after it was out. It did work nicely to keep bots clear of the land, and it helped to keep people out that you banned. true it looked at the ip or the router, not the mac address and so caught others it shouldn't of. I would love it if LL would handle what redzone tried to do, server side. and do it by the mac address. it would be nice to ban someone who just won't take "leave us alone" and know the next 10 or 20 alts they make would be banned automatically, and correctly.
  3. Yes Redzone is gone, bots are again a problem, and griefers are singing joyfully that they won. Great. Now linden labs can stop shoutcast streams, since the servers log ip addresses (voilation of tos). and stop http browsing from prims, since websites log ip addresses. in the meantime, LL since they took a tool that alot of used to stop griefers and bots, should and could release an update to the clients and servers that links alts to the MAC address and allow for banning of mac addresses. so things would work how they should of been working all along. THE Ability to Ban a griefer without kn
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