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  1. This all started because I went to a website....SL Hunts....I saw a Hunt I wanted to participate in....tried the LM and I found out I was banned from the Sim. I went there with my biz alt to see if maybe something was wrong with teleporting. She got there with no problem. Now the issue is why was i banned? And found out they are part of a certain group that my friend had issues with. So I was banned because I am friends with who they don't like? How silly is that? But then Mac tried to go there as well and found himself banned as well because of association? Well I then contacted the C
  2. I am the one that got banned for no reason...I wanted to join a Hunt Group that they will be having...went to tp there and found I was banned....why??? There is such childness in SL from Grown People! I can't understand if one has an issue with another and I know that person by association that I should be banned? I am a designer and wanted nothing more in here is to create and have some fun with my friends....not to deal with petty bs in SL....sad that some people revert back to high school days....and choose sides....why can't we all be good to each other in here.....instead of finding wa
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