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  1. I know this is an old thread..... but What about pictures?? What he's talking about doing is basically printing a 3d "picture" of himself. If that's against TOS, so is every picture out there. Do I need to get permission from the creators to take a picture of myself in their outfits?? NO, nore would I need to do so to make a sculpture of myself either.
  2. The big question now is which words are denied? After a friend spent three hours trying to create a new account, we discovered quite a few strings that are denied, yet simply reported as "already taken". Kind of makes the whole "have your internet name in SL" moot if they are going to limit so many words and PS, a hint: if you are going to use the word "extreme" make sure the word before it doesn't end in S. lol
  3. Thanks for listening Jack. Display names was a giant disaster waiting to happen and I'm glad to see these changes. It's also good to see the renewed "hey what do you guys think? we really are listening" attitude at LL being shown to actually be true. Way to go! Hope to see more of this attitude in the future! @ Scott... come on man, when they don't listen we whine, when they do we say "too little"? @ everyone about to flame me over that: Yes, I know, they've not listened before, blah blah... well this time they did and that deserves something. Is it perfect? not yet. Did they listen? Yes. Give them credit for that at least.
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