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  1. I love the rebate idea. Get people spending money in SL again! Instead of just marketplace. Make it worth it for store owners to own land and have a store again! Do something to help us help make second life awesome. Content creators are what make this place, now you've made it not worth it to own land, just pop things up on marketplace. Give us some incentives here to own land and have a store and create more. This program you just did, puts one of my competitors into everyones mind and homes, why do something like that?
  2. Come on! Now you're giving away free furniture? That's really going to help us furniture makers!! Do you really just want to put every business in SL out of business?? And talk about giving The Loft excellent advertising! Why dont you offer that up to all store owners - I'm telling ya - you're definately making it hard to actually make any money what so ever on Second Life.
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