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  1. At the bottom of the page these words draw my attention, please explain. "Explore a free 3D virtual world." does this mean I do not have to pay tier anymore? It clearly says free, I see nothing free about paying $300 a month for a sim. Sincerley Mick Huet
  2. I can try to give some tips on correcting this but I can not promise they will work, 1. Take the avatar to a water sim or a place that there are no textures to load. Set your preferences to clear your cache. Log out from that spot and log back into the same location. 2. Go into edit appearance mod. 3. Move some or the sliders in edit appearance you should see your textures if you do. Stay in edit appearance and select character re-bake textures. 4. Another thing you may try is change skins while in edit appearance. 5. Make sure you are on the main display and not a secondary display if the computer you are using has 2 monitors. Good luck,
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