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  1. I have both of these and was wondering if anyone knew how to make them have the physical appearance of my SL avatar? What I want to do is put my skin textures for seam and shading on them but I want them to fit the same off world as in. Is there a file I need to download or do I have to manually adjust anything? Thanks in advance.
  2. So my friend is working on a project, he has a board that gives you a hud. When you get the pop-up to accept the hud, it only says accept, discard and mute owner, but when you share something with some one there is a share button on the pop-up. The question is this, is there a way to add the show button so that the recipient doesn't have to remember the name and can just have their inventory window open right to that object?
  3. Gods do NOT need to read flogs, blogs, tweets or rants, nor do they require your input on anything. They are, after all, Gods, they know what you want, what you like and what you need and will give it to you no questions asked, it is you who must conform to the limitations they have set for you and jump the hurdles they have put in place to test your worthiness to bask in their greatness. There are no errors, lags, crashes or problems with anything THEY created, they are Gods, so it must be a flaw in you, your hardware, or your software. I personaly must go cleanse my self of the limitations o
  4. This browser sucks, crash, crash, crash, not responding, crash, crash, crash, stuck. Thanks now I can't even get my old 2.1 version to work the way it did.
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