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  1. I have a number of avatars, because I tend to "compartmentalize" my moods into seperate SL identities. For the most part, they are between 5'4" and 6'2" tall. And though they generally are pleasantly feminine in shape (even as Penny herself is) I do still occasionally get an 8 foot tall noob calling me a child. That's only an occasional problem, though. My most frequently used avatar, Senga Recreant, is 8'2". However, she isn't human. She's a huge, lanky demoness. I am aware of my enormous scale and I don't expect content creators to scale to me. I am capable of fitting modestly sized attachments (unless they're poorly made to begin with) and even while being enormous, I take the opportunity to warn normally scaled avatars of unshrinkable items (such as in my review of the digigrade 'Koras' boots on the marketplace). I stress again, I am AWARE of my scale. If i can't explore a build because I'm too tall... i change avatars. Even if I have to change into a micro. I don't throw a fit about it. If i can't fit a pair of boots to my legs, i shrug and bury them in inventory. I don't throw a fit about it. But now I am experiencing the opposite bias that my other avatars do. People ridicule me for my height, even though I am aware of my height, and I have never ever implied that normally scaled adult avatars are children (unless they are OBVIOUSLY children, breastless, pigtailed, teddybear toting avatars in a sex sim). Penny's personal crusade has been successful to the point where I'm almost at loathe to even speak to someone normal sized, because so often they're so militant about it that they refuse to acknowledge that towering over them is the entire point of my persona and character.
  2. Hmm, potentially prim heavy BUT! thank you for the work around.
  3. yes, i see that. but is it smart enough to understand the the way identically named items are numbered in inventory? Because I'm not sure that I trust in LL's competence to assume that it will.
  4. Like so many other people, I've become enthralled with the breedable pets game. The various "eggs" you get from breedable pets are sellable and the marketplace is a popular place to sell them, especially for people looking for a single specific trait they desire. My question is, is there a way to use the marketplace as a sort of "gatcha" where i can have 1-20 or so no-copy items delivered from the same listing? say, "Random Bundle" through "Random Bundle 19"? Or must I laboriously list each one singularly (especially since the bulk edit doesn't let you set a bulk picture, lesigh~), clog marketplace results with my crap, and make my store look intimidatingly huge?
  5. group chat is still screwed but thank GOD i can make my ass jiggle now. What a waste of resources, adding features like this when the most basic functions of the viewer are still crap.
  6. Wonderful. now how do I turn these stupid, worthless web profiles off? It's amazing how I'm losing half of my attachments when i teleport and half the time everybody's name is still ??? but the GENIUSES we have in LL are worried about freaking WEB PROFILES.
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