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  1. I have tried stock viewer, firestorm, and singularity all same issues.
  2. Are log in servers down. I crashed and cannot reconnect, going on over 30 minutes now. Prior sims were laggy. Grid status shows no issues.
  3. Sorry to bump and old topic, but was curious if this is being considered still or ever was.
  4. I try to make a Limit buy with my remaining US$ Credit, and it will only offer me a buy rate of 1L to 1US$? I hit my monthly buy limit and it says i can still use my monthly credit buy limit. So I have some money still on my accoutn and wanted to use that. What do I do to fix this?
  5. When I tried logging in yestrday I was unable to connect using viewer2, I kept getting the darn you have been logged out, region is unavaiable check your internet connection message. I am able to log in using SL Viewer, and Phoenix. I have tried clearing my cache and resinatlling fully, Now after the full install My game just sits and a small progressed Log in bar, with the message Logging in... Forever. *edit* I have been playing for 4 years and never had an issue like this before. Also I can log in using my alt on Viewer 2. And connot log on my main on viewer 2 from other computers. *edit2* Now logging into phoenix my camera is all messed up my defualt position is looking up at the sky, tried relogging and reinstalling with no change. I try locking it on my avi and it moves right back. hit esc and it defaults to the sky again.
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