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  1. Thank you both for your infomation Sparkle Aftermath
  2. Hello there, I have a small question. Apple have reviled that a new API called "Metal for Mac" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metal_(Apple_API)) and was wondering if the Second Life Viewer shall take advantage of this new API in the future? The reason why I ask, is because Apple reports (along with some gaming companies like Unreal and such) almost 50% performance boots to graphic tasks and gaming. Hope this question isn't confusing at all XD Sparkle Aftermath
  3. Nice chair, i was wondering about this as well and tryed it out myself but Blender says 0 vertices where removed (So i was like "ok....") and the mesh still seams fine to me. even uploading it on to SL shows my object it under 200 vertices so i must be doing something right, lol Sparkle Aftermath
  4. I have done this and it all seams fine, apart from a small amount of problems (and i so mean tiny). As for the unseen vertices, i don't know what you mean as i have not encounted this, but i'll experiment on. Sparkle Aftermath P.S, as a quick note, i have also been testing textiles and they seam ok as well
  5. I would just like to point out that i am not trying to compare Sketchup with Blender at all, im just running experments on how they are handeld by Second Life. So far, i have not seen anything that has been stated here. So i do not see any problems with Sketchups mesh making capabilities (so far, touch wood) but will experiment more Sparkle Aftermath
  6. Hello all, i have been reading up about mesh in Sketchup, how to make them and upload them on to secondlife. however i did read that only Sketchup 7 (Windows Only) can only be used link shown http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Exporting_a_mesh_from_SketchUp So me being me, i thought to myself "Challenge accepted" and begun work on how to get around this (Me being a Mac user as well) and i found a method that worked. 1. Make your model as normal (In this case i did a simple "x" frame) 2. Click File => Export => 3D Model 3. Select the format .dae (Collada) but clicking the format drop box 4. Click the "Options" button and make sure "Triangulate All Faces" is ticked, if so then save 5. Upload it on to second life using a viewer as normal I have found that this will upload the model just fine, i hope this method works for you as it has done with me Sparkle Aftermath
  7. Called them up just 5 mins ago, have been asked to report it as abuse somewhere on a wiki page, nice lady i must say ^.^ Sparkle Aftermath
  8. im not sure..., all my Transaction History say is that i paid this guy (XXX69 Fella) L$1,932, i've never heard of Commerce Linden before.. i'll be honest. I have bought things from the market place before and it hasn't done anything like this before.. Sparkle Aftermath (note: wait, i just looked and it does say Commerce Linden, L$250, maybe thats the trasation im thinking about, but it does not explain about the L$1,932 thou...) (Note again: ok i checked with the Market place, the L$250 was for some cloth that i bought...., not the other item that i was supost to get from XXX69 Fella)
  9. correct, im now worryed it been some sort of trick... yay.. Sparkle Aftermath
  10. Thank you for the quick reply, i have and it says i have paid him (xxx69 Fella), but it wasn't 1,932L$, it was only 10L$, i now just feel like i've been robbed... ;.; Sparkle Aftermath
  11. Hi all ^.^, i hope you can help me i do not know how this has happened to me, one day i had L$1,900ish on my account, after paying xxx96.feila on market place for an item (This was late at night) and went to bed. the next morning i loged in, it was all gone... I havn't rezzed anything that has asked if i wanted to take money from me or anything. I have also tryed to pay for someone L$1 to see if it would refresh, nothing (Have tryed it the other way and nothing) i hope you guys can help me >.<; Sparkle Aftermath
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