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  1. New required SL Viewer for Mac *does not work* - takes 10 plus minutes churning at login and does not complete, i.e. can't get inworld. (Once or twice it did complete but once inworld, the system immediately crashed.) WHY? Have not had a problem before and have made no changes to my computer. This is the newest viewer version that was required for any L$ transactions. At login, viewer gets stuck at loading regions & loading world. I have uninstalled / reinstalled several times with same results. Any info or advice appreciated. Update: Downloaded & installed latest versi
  2. Hoping sl updates its own media compatibility with Adobe Flash Player. Agree it is a step backwards to have to use a previous version of an industry standard in order to make sl features work correctly.....
  3. Farzaneh Eel

    I'm a cloud

    One quick trick that has worked for me is to open your Inventory & put on a different bald wig, or hair. Usually that de-clouds me in a few seconds. Hope this little trick works for you too.
  4. This has happened to me. One suggestion is to have your friends flood your inbox with IMs. Eventually the system will recognize that you are not really logged in, and you should then be able to login to your account normally. Or you can create an alt account for yourself, and use that account to send IMs to your frozen avatar, and flood your inbox yourself. It sounds odd, but it actually did work for me. Hope this helps - it's no fun to be ghosted!
  5. Those constant Auto updates of SL Viewer changed my Preferences settings for Graphics, etc. Now it takes forever to load graphics. Usually my avatar is a particle cloud or white oval for a long time. Prims & builds appear as big gray blobs & gray geometric shapes. Colors (sky, etc) are very muddy / dark. When I adjust Graphics preferences higher, the sky etc turn pitch black - even my avvie's skin turned black. When I adjust bandwidth higher, everything chokes instead of improving. Even with all settings as Low as you can go, regardless of what I do, everything is super-laggy now
  6. The same thing just happened to me. It definitely charged me, and I never got my upload. The system crashed right after it charged me .  Did you ever find out if you could be refunded? Every upload charge matters.. I should add that every time I tried to upload, SL would crash. I'm in the middle of a project and needed to get the work done, so kept trying. Guess I should have known better. Has anyone else had this problem before (system crashes when trying to upload)? thanks...
  7. @JubJub @Minet - thanks very much for the suggestions. Finally un-ghosted late today, without explanation. I belong to lots of groups that routinely send IMs so maybe my IM box was finally flooded enough? Or maybe the sim in question was finally restarted? Thanks so much for the tips, and thanks for caring - very kind of you both!
  8. @Lauren - not sure I understand your point about users already having a "forcibly log my avatar out" button on the Advanced menu, or the benefit of moving that function to Preferences. Those who are ghosted (such as me, right now) are unable to login at all and thus cannot access the Advanced menu or our Preferences settings at all. I'm using V2 and can't move beyond the login screen. Am I missing something? Thanks for any info...
  9. @Innula - agree 100% with your suggestion on LL needing to add a "forcibly log my avatar out" button to the *login* dashboard. I'm currently ghosted (5 days now), alone & without support. Would be such a simple solution!
  10. I've been ghosted for 5 days now, stuck somewhere (I believe) near the sim border between Auric sim and Blofeld sim on the mainland. NOW I understand why LL has made no response at all to my current help ticket - not even a courtesy redirect such as "Hey, you're on your own. We're no longer going to help you since you don't have a Premium account." What a ridiculous system. I agree with Mari above that directing users to "self help" pages is NOT going to help those like me who have been ghosted (totally frozen in a sim and unable to login). Since I can't login at all, I can't contact the
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