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  1. Help/About Second Life, 8-10 seconds? name clicking, same, this just astarted (note i run a "nazi clean" machine with butter smoth play at maximum settings) with current viewer (Second Life 3.7.10 (291042)), scaling stuff down even still is um, junk this has never happened yet and i do infact believe the viewer has some big issues and could use a a fall back relaunch, and the scripting color UI change, as "flashy" as a Windows 8 "wall sticker" changing icons (iconic looks) sometimes does suck, LSL needs a "default or custom" color option, this new color scheme to it is LSL trying to be JS,
  2. update: all my stuff is looking ok now and my land, expect some smoother stuff soon (let's hope) take care all! :matte-motes-inlove:
  3. i remember 2007, crashashashashash...chhhh.clunk *part falls to floor* SL view soon to go open sorce! wait that was later *giggles* (was just trying to pull a funny lol, but seriously) today's issues are pretty bad, internal issues can happen at any moment, data "plugs" can start a quw of hold back and missfires, i would not even want to see their server codes ... lol they will get us running again, oh, and OS updates can improve playability, if not already done (or on auto update)
  4. can second this, porting seems ponked and land is not "loading it's stats" :matte-motes-stress: but they are/where having some high connection issues at the moment
  5. the feature exists to add a demo in the item one is selling, by splitting the demo into another item and linking, it doubles post and bypasses the "provide a demo" option in the main product
  6. (quotes: "Waiting a long time for that low hanging fruit to fall too.") yes, yes we have ... the way i undresatnd it, is if kinda like for <searchtype "demo"> <these items> for <searchtype "full products"> <these other items> i can waite it in JS, and get an JS 2 XML translation through another program i have, why aren't LL helping uswith these features though? :matte-motes-frown:
  7. looking for Demos or products would be great, in their own searh, it would cut the freebies out to look for the demos to the product you want to see and vise versa it would look like this, best solution plus an additional flag system server side (classing) seems legit
  8. thank you for the link, i didn't know there was one about this, i should have looked harder sorry :smileyembarrassed:
  9. has anyone else noticed sorting through things brings up to high of a mix? #1: Searching demos is also bringing up freebies and lower priced items, and vice versa #2 adds filled with demos skewing real products where does one do to petition a "Demo Only" Tab option and listing method?
  10. it was april fools, i was pulling a funny ... lol but it probobly was not funny :smileyembarrassed: i am sure there isn't a lot they can do about it
  11. well, some of that was just being silly but there is not a lot they can do themselves about it, but if they FOUND a way to lower costs, that would be great, but i know they must have like a billion contracts not just for their own servers and what not, plus workers, and then building rent or what not, Gas bill for heating, electrical bill (shutters at how much that must cost LL) lol, still, it would be cool ... lol :smileyembarrassed:
  12. quotes "As I see it, the major issue with this model is that the success of the system is based on a $300 ... " AND %90 at first glance run to the door, enter search, and keep looking, that (actually $295 U.S.D (private + $1,000 U.S.D opening fee)) or $195 U.S.D mainland (per month) that would scare anyone without telling them the information they REALLY want to know, "why" it does not take someone "smart" to ask that question, funnier thing is i read another post about someone wanting to "expand the grid" and i am guessing they ment they have their own "build" they wanted to connect to
  13. in light of that, i hate to say it but homestead and openspace would be a good alternative if they ever wanted more population and wanted more people to buy land, then there is zomg*, zomg2** and "zomg really?"*** (zomg, article 1 will now referance something below, all asterisks are desinded to steal your soul, you agree to this be being born) OpenSpace has major limitations, it has no no no no and NO and some more NO attached to it making you "hook and sinker" want a homestead instead article of zomg(s) 1-3 * you must first have bloated the wallet of another person to be elegable f
  14. i figured it was not a big deal i just saw the post and was like, what the heck, and thought i would ask lol, ty guys, i am not really to worried about it, but was kinda curious :heart:
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